March 6, 2018

Texas hold’em has a specific reason for a dealer button. Like just about any Houston poker room (or for that matter at all, any casino poker room anywhere) there is a designated dealer provided who actually does the dealing. Since there are forced blinds, the dealer button creates a “pretend” dealer so that who is forced to make those forced blinds rotates every hand and everyone participates. That’s not what created the dealer button, though.

In the Old West (and isn’t it amazing how much in the...

February 26, 2018

You hope against hope your hands aren’t shaking as you toss in the chips. It’s been a hard night. You’re a good player but that doesn’t change that everyone else at the table has a bankroll that makes yours look laughable. Now, you’ve got a good hand… a good hand. It’s not a great hand but you’re hoping to at least recover some of your losses. 

Things start out okay but there’s one guy that just won’t fold. He matches you chip for chip and your gut begins to send tremors over you. What could he h...

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About the Author

WJ Wright played his first game of poker at the age of eleven. In the late eighties he started playing for money and hasn't looked back. You can usually find him hiding his hole cards while sipping scotch and considering which player and which hand will end up in his next writing project.

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