January 3, 2018

You may have heard that Phil Hellmuth calls the best poker players “Eagles.” You may have heard that Glen Frey and Don Henley (of Eagles fame) played poker with Linda Ronstadt.  I certainly wouldn’t take anything away from a man who’s won fourteen World Series of Poker bracelets and I like life in the fast line as much as the other guy. Nonetheless, there are some poker eagles I find a whole lot more interesting than even Phil and classic rock. Imagine yourself in Europe for a moment at the begi...

December 28, 2017

The sounds of shells exploding nearby used to cause terror to claim you, to take you completely so that you shook and felt all of your being seep out into the dirt of the trench and left you nothing but a quivering bundle of fear. That was quite a while ago, though, and now you’ve been on the front lines for a long time. Still, the shells explode and the fear remains and the only thing that keeps it from being overwhelming is the time you spend in quiet, the time you spend with your fellow soldi...

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About the Author

WJ Wright played his first game of poker at the age of eleven. In the late eighties he started playing for money and hasn't looked back. You can usually find him hiding his hole cards while sipping scotch and considering which player and which hand will end up in his next writing project.

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