January 9, 2018

I’m a fisherman. Yes, that makes me a poker player and a fisherman. That pretty much means I am filled with about a million stories about hands I won and lost and fish I caught and lost. The sturgeon that got away was bigger than any fish anyone I’ve ever known has ever caught; and I once played Texas Hold’em with Marlon Brando at a poker room in Houston.

Am I telling the truth or am I bluffing?

Well, one of the two things I wrote was true.

Poker’s that way, though. Sit down at a poker table in a r...

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About the Author

WJ Wright played his first game of poker at the age of eleven. In the late eighties he started playing for money and hasn't looked back. You can usually find him hiding his hole cards while sipping scotch and considering which player and which hand will end up in his next writing project.

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